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"The Fierce Flamingo and her mindset course has helped me to up-level my life in ways I didn’t even know existed. If now is your time to make the changes you’ve wanted to make for maybe your whole life, grab a hold of those big pink flamingo wings because this one will help you fly! Thank you so much Amy."

- Peita Campbell, Love Coach.

- *Second testimonial from Peita.*

- *Second testimonial from Peita.*

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“Working with Amy set the foundational building blocks for my success. I took the money mindset program and it was a life changer. This opened up a full cascade of limiting beliefs. Without Amy I would still be spinning the hamster wheel trying to figure out where to go next in my business and my life. She not only gave me clarity and direction but empowered me to help myself and stop my bad habits in their tracks. Had I not worked with Amy I would probably be sitting on my floor crying in frustration and anxiety still, at a loss of what to do next. Not only did this bust through my scarcity block but allow me to figure out how to show up for myself to raise my vibe and energetically show up for my business. This gal is just so awesome!”

- Nisha, life coach and yoga instructor

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Taking this course and working with Amy was one of the best things I’ve done this year. It really helped me to get clear on what I should be doing and get out of my own way. If you put in the effort then in just one week’s time you will be in a better place.

- Alexis Quayle, Industrial Design Engineer.

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I highly recommend and encourage anyone and everyone to take any of the motivational trainings offered by Amy Shefik!

Since I participated and completed the mindset training I have been able to overcome fear blockades that literally crippled me for years.

With my thoughts and values directed in a positive and attentive manner I have literally been showered with money! I am in awe of how this program has changed my life!

- Annie Brass, Brass Enterprise

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When I contacted Amy, I had a really specific question in mind. Once I got on the call with her, she helped me figure out the real issue. Amy asked the real questions, and I realised I had a lot of homework to do. This woman has a gift and I would recommend her coaching to everyone!

- Cornelia, Coach.

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"I recently completed a coaching course with Amy and would highly recommend working with her.

Amy's approach is incredibly honest and refreshing, and her coaching is delivered in a down to earth, fun and interactive manner. I found Amy to be very supportive and always on hand for advice. I will be coming back for further workshops!"

Kim Partridge - Branch Manager

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I would highly recommend working with Amy for a rewarding and effective experience. I have had a coaching session and taken part in mindset training and found them both extremely beneficial as well as fun. I particularly like the fact I have been supported to make some really effective changes both in my personal life and my business. I am feeling more confident and working more effectively. I feel better everyday thanks to Amy. She is approachable, kind and a very authentic effective coach who delivers results.

- Dawn Brueton, Research Historian.

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“I can totally recommend Amy as a coach and doing a 7 day course with her has given me so many amazing tools to go back to my life and make the changes that were so desperately needed, the things I didn't even realise were holding me back, the things I'd put off even when I subconsciously knew they'd make me happier and more optimistic about the future. Over the last two weeks I've had a total epiphany about how important it is to enjoy living and get my butt in the driving seat of my life story....I've changed my hair, enrolled at night school, signed up to do volunteering with animals, joined a gym and traded my car in for the one I always wanted. Following some straight talking advice, doing the mindset work, reading the books that Amy's working wonders in making me have a whole new angle on things. Everything seems a bit more optimistic now, and that's invaluable. What's even better is that Amy delivers her coaching in a funny, caring and totally accessible way. I couldn't be happier with the results and will definitely be signing up to do another course with the Fierce Flamingo.”

- Ceridwen (Crids) Prowse, Account Director.

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"Amy has been a wonderful coach and has played a vital part in me working through a difficult career break. She is an excellent listener who asks insightful questions, prompting thoughtful discussion which has, on several occasions, guided me towards revelations about my thoughts and feelings about the situation I was in. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is easy to approach, knowledgeable and has a real skill for listening and picking out key points of a discussion. Before I started coaching, my mind was completely full of conflicting thoughts. Amy helped me to filter out what each thought was telling me, understand exactly how I was feeling and gave me helpful tips to help work through my Brainado. I now feel clarity and calm over my life and future decisions. I couldn’t have got to this point without Amy – I actually feel like myself again, something I realise I haven’t felt like for a long time!" 

- Sian, Accountant.

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"Working with Amy is amazing. She is helping me discover my self belief and the realisation that just because I'm still trying to figure out what I want doesn't mean that I'm not good enough. She's helping me take to control and to start crafting the life that I want for myself. Amy = 💖🦄💜" - Katie, Sales and Licencing Manager.

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"Life as a single, professional working mum with a highly demanding job and a small child with special needs can be a challenging existence, one where you feel the odds are stacked against you one day and the next everything comes crashing down. The strength is to hold it all together and keep on going. The result is often exhaustion, a negative mind set, cynicism and general overwhelm.

For years, through no fault of my own, life has been an uphill climb. Amy has been an invaluable source of positivity, motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration to me. Amy thinks broadly around the scenarios I’ve faced and introduces alternative methods for handling them. Motivating me to look for ways to better support myself, increasing my awareness of the bigger picture, the options available and raising my mood to one that I’d describe as bubbly – rather than fizzled out.

She’s an inspirational thinker, she holds integrity high, she demonstrates her compassion, empathy and spark for coaching every day and is an excellent  communicator. I have no hesitation in recommending Amy. She can make a real difference to your life. No matter what you are facing, she’ll show you how you might face it with a smile. I’ve had my slice of the Fierce Flamingo, I’d encourage you to. I’ll be back for more!"

- Clare – Communications Professional, Business Owner & Mum


"I am self employed and my work allows me quite a bit of free time. I always aim to use my free time to work on other projects but constantly find myself procrastinating, or finding other unimportant tasks to complete instead. I’ve gone as far as I can with the work I do and I feel like I have so much more to offer. A lot of my projects end up fizzling out and I give up on them. Even as a child I’d really struggle to complete anything. I felt unmotivated and unable to move myself forward in life.

After having coaching sessions with Amy I realised that I was the only person stopping myself from moving forward. She helped me discover that my comfort zone was a lot larger than I realised and covered areas in my life I had no idea could be so restricted by it. With Amy’s advice and guidance I am building up my self-esteem and confidence. This has a massive knock on effect on how I work and also on my relationships with others. I still have a long way to go but with Amy’s support I feel that all my goals are achievable.

Amy is very inspiring and is someone who I would always go to for advice. Her suggestions are always balanced and come from a place of experience and empathy."

- John Hall, Entrepreneur.

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Amy is one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She never judges anything I tell her & there is no problem too big or small for her to tackle. She infuses our calls with her brilliant sense of humour & high vibration. I love her infectious energy! 

Amy has helped me realise that there are no problems, only solutions waiting to be discovered. Working with Amy will help you see the world differently, the way you always hoped it would be. Based on the impact she has had on my life & attitude, I cannot recommend her enough! 

Lucy Genin, Empowerment Coach for anxiety suffers 

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"Amy is the loveliest, happiest person I know. Always so positive and full of energy! It's really quite infectious. She helped me to realise that most of my problems are easily fixed, and once I'd laid it all out she talked me through some steps on how to challenge myself and change my thinking. She's a true professional and really knows what she's talking about and can explain everything perfectly. I was having issues with anxiety and wanting to regain my social life after a few years of rubbish jobs and she made me realise that all my fears are all in my head. Her questioning really made me think and I realised that all the stuff I was worried about isn't worth worrying about and with some simple changes and by looking at things from a different angle, they're all fixable. She also had some great suggestions for things like meditation, which I'd always dismissed as not for me, but I've found them to be really helpful. I would recommend Amy to anyone who needs a bit of a happiness boost."

- Alyx, Customer Service Representative.

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"Amy is an incredible woman. As a talented and conscientious coach, she operates from a place of integrity and compassion with her clients' needs always at the core of what she does. Amy demonstrates all of the essential skills required of an effective and successful coach; she is incredibly approachable, practical and empathetic and I consider myself to be very lucky to have Amy as a trusted colleague. She is a wise and thoughtful coach who has extended the same invaluable support to me that she has with her clients. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Amy should grab it with both hands; she is a born coach who loves what she does and strives for the best client outcomes." - Jo, Business Start-Up Coach.

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