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Momentum is a 6 week group coaching program with one on one coaching included!

Starts on the 26th February 2018.

The thing I hear most from my clients and audience members is that they wish they could do more of what they love and less of what they feel they have to do. 

They want to live more authentically, more true to who they are but find that their concern over money, their lack of clarity over how to make it happen and their fear of it all going wrong keeps them locked in jobs, relationships and other situations that they're no longer happy in. 

But what if I told you that these challenges are all possible to overcome?

  • What if we could challenge your belief about what is possible for you?

  • What if you could be, do and have more of what you want and less of what you don't?

  • What if you could have incredible clarity about what you want to achieve and then actually go out and achieve it?!

How would that change your life?

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“Working with Amy set the foundational building blocks for my success. I took the money mindset program and it was a life changer. This opened up a full cascade of limiting beliefs. Without Amy I would still be spinning the hamster wheel trying to figure out where to go next in my business and my life. She not only gave me clarity and direction but empowered me to help myself and stop my bad habits in their tracks. Had I not worked with Amy I would probably be sitting on my floor crying in frustration and anxiety still, at a loss of what to do next. Not only did this bust through my scarcity block but allow me to figure out how to show up for myself to raise my vibe and energetically show up for my business. This gal is just so awesome!”

- Nisha, life coach and yoga instructor

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Here's what I'll be coaching you on in Momentum...

  • Gaining clarity on what you truly want.

  • Developing the courage to take action towards it.

  • Connecting to your inner guidance system AKA your intuition.

  • Working through the fears, insecurities and challenges that come up when you start taking action. 

  • Developing an empowered mindset and belief system that will get you taking massive, inspired action towards you goal.

  • Having more fun along your journey towards your goal so that you create sustainable results and happiness!

  • Keeping you accountable so that you actually get there =)

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These are all things that I've implemented myself on my own journey. I spent about three years feeling really lost and stuck, you can read more about it by clicking here, but I'll just give you the bullet points version...

I never had a clear vision of what I wanted to do career-wise, I did however know what I wanted my life to be like. 

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I knew that I wanted freedom, fun and fulfilment. I wanted to be happy above all else and spend my time doing something that I loved, that I was great at and that involved helping people, whether just on a small scale like making them happy by giving them a great haircut (I was a full time hairdresser for most of my twenties), or on a larger scale in some way, I just wasn't clear on what that involved yet. 

So I ended up choosing a path that "made sense on paper" that I knew I could succeed at, that wasn't too challenging.

I wanted to avoid stress at all costs. 

Funnily enough it was choosing this path that was well and truly located in my comfort zone that actually brought me the most stress! 

It was stress about feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from my purpose, my potential, my authenticity and ultimately my happiness. 

You see, the stress that I've encountered as part of setting up this Coaching business has been a thousand times more preferable than the stress I felt from feeling bored, apathetic and anxious about my life and where it was heading. 

What I have come to learn is that it all starts in your mindset.

Your beliefs, your thoughts and your fears shape everything and when you don't have a handle on them, they run wild and create a reality that you don't consciously want. 

This is why I focus such a lot on mindset work because it truly is the foundation of everything we create in our lives. 

It changed everything for me and it continues to do so now! 

If you want to get some momentum going and really start living your life the way you want to, this is what you need to work on and pay attention to. 

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How it works...

  • This small group (I want to keep the group small so that I can give everyone my full attention), will be held in a private Facebook Group where we can support, cheer on and hold each-other accountable. Making an exciting change is always better with some buddies =).

  • Weekly Q&A live streams so even if it isn't your week for a coaching call, you'll still get your questions answered and gain momentum towards your goal.

  • Weekly live stream mindset trainings in the group. You will be able to interact with me and the other members at all times and ask questions and get support whenever you need it. 

  • 45-60 min one on one call with me once every 2 weeks, making it 3 in total throughout the 6 week program. 

This is for you if...

  • You're feeling stuck and bored where you are. You're in a funk and don't quite know how to get yourself out of it.

  • You have a big vision, a goal you're super excited about and are looking for some help, support and empowerment to make it happen.

  • You're in need of some clarity, direction and inspiration. 

  • Maybe you want to change careers, start a business, find your passion or just live more fully but you're unsure what that looks like for you. 

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"I recently completed a coaching course with Amy and would highly recommend working with her.

Amy's approach is incredibly honest and refreshing, and her coaching is delivered in a down to earth, fun and interactive manner. I found Amy to be very supportive and always on hand for advice. I will be coming back for further workshops!"

Kim Partridge - Branch Manager

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I am here to help you because I strongly believe that life is a gift, you are totally unique and you have amazing gifts and talents that the world needs to experience.

As corny as that may sound I fully believe it and I get really sad when I see people wasting their time feeling miserable, disempowered and stuck, all because their fears, self-doubt and insecurities (which we all have by the way!) are stopping them from realising their full potential and living their most authentic lives.  

It's time to stop that, there's no need to feel stuck or lost. All you need is some guidance and support as well as the willingness and openness to learn, take action and form some important new habits. 

Ultimately it comes down to this, how important is happiness and fulfilment to you?

How important is it to live your life in such an authentic way that it brings you and those around you so much joy that you find yourself in a state of complete gratitude all the time?

How important is it to you to create the life you want? 

For me there was no other option. It was completely unacceptable for me to go through this gift of a life that I have feeling like I was just getting through it, not ever feeling truly excited or connected to my authentic awesomeness, never getting to share that with the world and experience true sustainable happiness. 

It simply was not going to go down that way! To me, there is literally no point in living that way, it's just a waste. 

The good news is that it absolutely doesn't have to be that way.

Are you going to make a DECISION about YOUR life and how YOU are going to design it and experience it? 

When you make that decision, inspiration, opportunities and help will show up. 

Imagine where you'll be in three months time if you decide to take action now. I'll give you a hint...

You'll have such a clear and exciting goal that you'll already be progressing towards at a steady pace, if you haven't reached it already!! 

You'll feel exponentially more confident, courageous and empowered. 


You'll be feeling great, excited and enthusiastic about where your life is headed, knowing that you're on an authentic and aligned path for you. 

Your energy levels will have risen and you'll be reinforcing your self-belief everyday because you'll be taking inspired actions that yield beautiful results. 

And, most importantly, you'll be having loads more fun and be living in a state of happiness and knowing that you're on the right path.

Now imagine where you'll be if you don't take action...probably in a similar place to now. 

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Super Early Bird Price = £498 paid in full, or 2 payments of £254 *only 3 spots available until 22nd January 2018.

Included in the Super Early Bird price you will get:

  • An introductory 45-60 minute one on one call with me before the program starts on the 26th February. *Worth £200

  • Access to all of my digital courses *excluding Setting Up Your Laptop Lifestyle*. *Worth in total £150.

  • Coaching via Facebook messenger from me from the point of sign up all the way until the end of the 6 week program! This includes personalised journaling prompts, book recommendations, your questions answered and extra support. *Worth £800

  • My guide on mindset practice.

  • My High Performance Guide.  

Early Bird Price = £598 paid in full, or 2 payments £304 available until 12th February 2018

Included in the Early Bird price you will get:

  • An introductory 30 minute one on one call with me before the start of the program. *Worth £100

  • Coaching via Facebook messenger from me from the point of sign up until the start of the program. This includes personalised journaling prompts, book recommendations, your questions answered and extra support. *Worth roughly £300 depending on date of sign up.

  • My guide on mindset practice.

  • My High Performance Guide.

Price after 5th February until 26th February (start date of the program) = £798 paid in full, or 2 payments of £406

  • My guide on mindset practice.

  • My High Performance Guide. 

Get in touch if you want in =)

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