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I am super excited to be offering these 4 weeks of happiness coaching!

I truly believe that cultivating authentic, fulfilling and purpose led happiness is the foundation of success. 

The reason being is that when we're in a state of authentic joy and happiness we gain so much clarity on what we really want from life. 

We also lose our insecurities and inhibitions when we're in this energy which gives us the courage to take action towards our goals.  

When our actions are backed by this authentic happiness they're much bigger and more empowered than they usually would be, which in turn creates more confidence and yields bigger results.

These results then feed our confidence and we continue to take inspired and aligned actions which then keep on creating bigger results in our lives.

It's a circle that feeds into itself and it works both ways!

So if you're lacking authentic happiness, you lack the courage, you lack the big inspired actions and you get tiny results, if any.

This reinforces your fears and insecurities which in turn influences your lack if action which then creates your results etc etc. 

So you see it's vital to get yourself into this happy energy as often as possible!

However, there's this little thing called limiting beliefs. We all have them and they're a pain in the bum! Even if they are a good opportunity for growth =]

Our limiting beliefs are like a happiness thermostat that kick in when our fears and insecurities believe we've achieved our max level of joy. 

To experience any more happiness, love, money, success etc would be scary and so our limiting beliefs pop up to try and keep us safe by telling us things like, "I don't deserve it." "I'm not good enough." "They don't like me." "What if I fail?"

During our 4 weeks of Happiness Coaching we will:

  1. Set some super fun and exciting goals.
  2. Work out a plan of action to achieve said goals.
  3. Uncover and release those pesky limiting beliefs.
  4. Form powerful happiness and success habits. 

This will all happen with one 45-60 minute call once a week as well as Facebook messenger or email communication throughout so that we can get as much out of the 4 weeks together as possible!

The investment for all of this good stuff = £997 (GBP) *Price plans are available*

Life is a gift that's too short to waste.

Look ahead to when your 80 or 90 years old and ask yourself if the excuses you're telling yourself now for not following your dreams will still hold up then?  

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