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Enjoy The Journey & Make Reaching Your Goals Fun!

£20 (GBP)

Do you have a goal that you're trying to reach but it's starting to feel difficult and un-fun?

It's very easy to get to a place where we're so focussed on our goals and everything else gets neglected.

 Click on the image to purchase. 

Click on the image to purchase. 

We can end up attaching so much meaning onto reaching our goals that when the challenges inevitably pop up along the way we get massively stressed out!

We feel mega frustrated, overwhelmed and disempowered.

When our energy is in this place we're on a fast train to burn out and far more likely to just give up.

If you want to reach your goals in a more sustainably empowered way, then this audio guide is for you.


Uncover Your Purpose.

£25 (GBP)

In this course I share with you how to uncover your unique gifts and talents and how to use them to create a life that's just as fulfilling and purposeful as you've always dreamed it would be.

After taking this course you will:

 Click on the image to purchase.

Click on the image to purchase.

  • Be able to use your unique gifts and talents to create your dream life.
  • Be able to deal with challenges that come up along the way with empowered effectiveness.
  • Have a clear direction and plan of action as well as the mindset tools to stay on track, build your confidence and make it happen.

If you're looking for clarity and direction then you're in the right place!

Not only will you gain the clarity you're after, you'll also learn the invaluable mindset practices that you'll need in order to make your dreams your reality.

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How to Create an Online Business.

£30 (GBP)

This 7 part mini-course is designed to walk you through the main stages you need to go through to create your freedom laptop lifestyle.

It takes more than just an idea and it can get real overwhelming trying to teach yourself how to turn it into an online business that you love.

There's SO MUCH information out there and believe me, it takes a loooong time to read it all. I tried and it made me want to cry!

This mini-course includes guidance on:

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Click on the image to purchase.

  • Gaining clarity on your passion & purpose.
  • Your core values.
  • Solving problems & creating a solid business idea.
  • Market research, your ideal clients & testing.
  • Branding.
  • Systems, structures, website and payment systems.
  • Creating clients.

Theres such a lot of great information in this mini-course, if you're spinning in circles trying to understand how to make it happen, this is a fantastic resource for you! :)

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Creating a Kickass Website!

£75 (GBP)

This mini course is designed for you if you already have an online business idea, you know your target audience in vivid detail and are ready to create your very own kick-ass website!

In this course you will get:

- An overview of the different website hosting platforms that you can use to build your website.

 Click on the image to purchase.

Click on the image to purchase.

- A tutorial video on how to build a Squarespace website.

- Information on what pages you'll need on your website.

- In depth guide on how to create these pages for yourself.

- Tips on copywriting and attention grabbing information to keep your potential client's/customer's attention.

- Fantastic sales page guide with tips on price points, unique selling points and urgency factors.

- Branding and photography guide for making your website look awesome!

By the end of this mini course you will have a tangible "shop front" for your business.

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