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Hi! I'm Amy, a Happiness & Personal Development Coach. I'm here to support you in uncovering and nurturing your unique gifts and talents and creating a life you love.

I started my journey as a self-employed Hairdresser, I spent my time connecting with people, making them feel happy and looking gorgeous! Then I trained as a Pilates Instructor and set up a business teaching people how to become more aware of and stronger in their bodies. 

Although these paths weren't my true passions, they along with being self-employed since 2011 at the age of 24 have taught me some valuable lessons...

  • I love connecting with people.
  • I love making people happy.
  • I love showing people a different perspective when it comes to their outlook on life and their bodies.
  • I love supporting people in their personal growth and development.
  • We are all more capable than we give ourselves credit for. 
  • How to set up and run a business.
  • How to create clients and nurture those relationships.
  • How to play to my strengths and not get overwhelmed with things outside of my zone of genius (example - paying an accountant to deal with my tax returns, life's too short right?)
  • How to build the courage to put myself out there and be fully responsible and accountable for my work.

My journey has led me to my true passion, which is coaching. As a life long student of personal development and happiness I knew I had to steer my life in a new direction as I became increasingly dissatisfied as a hairdresser/Pilates instructor.

I decided to hire and train with my own high-level coach, I became my own best client and totally transformed my mindset. I also learned high-level coaching skills and how to set up a business. I continue to work with high-level coaches and bring all the things I have learnt and am still learning to my work with my own clients.

My mission is to support and inspire you in creating happiness and success in all areas of your life.

I am all about being true to yourself and bringing that to the forefront of your life because your uniqueness is what will bring you success! 

As for me, I am a Vegan, aspiring Ninja, aspiring skateboarder, nap enthusiast with a secret (not so secret) love of the 80's TV sitcom The Golden Girls. I believe in bringing the fun and spreading your awesomeness around like confetti. 

How I coach

How I coach copy.png

I can honestly tell you from my own personal experience as well as from listening to the most successful people in the world talk about it, having a coach is fricken amazing! In my opinion it's the most effective way to achieve your goals and the life you desire.

Imagine having someone there to support you on your own personal journey - to inspire and encourage you as well as give you practical business tools and insights to help you turn your dreams into reality. 

My story

I'll start my story at the juicy part, I was 26 at the time and working in the salon. I remember it as clear as if it were yesterday, I was in the middle of styling a client's hair and I was about to walk out.

I felt panicked and claustrophobic. There was noise coming from everywhere - the radio, the hairdryers, the phone, the other clients and stylists talking, my client talking. All I could think was, "What if I just left right now, what would actually happen?" The prospect of losing my job was actually tempting over the reality of having to stay there for even just a few more hours.

My head was chaotic and it took all of my strength to appear normal to my client and have a conversation with her. I felt like I should have won an oscar for my performance until one of my colleagues said "Are you ok? I thought you were gonna have a panic attack". I'm lucky enough to have never had one but I honestly believe I came close that day.

This was the start of me waking up from my sleepwalk through life. I had come to the realisation that the prospect of doing that job for the next 40 years was not an option for me. I had majorly fallen out of love with it. The reason being that I had chosen it in the first place because I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew I'd be good at it. I liked the idea of having a skill I could do anywhere in the world - I have always wanted to travel so instead of nurturing my unique gifts and talents and discovering my passions and my purpose, I chose a job that ticked a bunch of boxes.


The problem was that although it ticked those boxes, it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing with my life and while my conscious mind didn't know that, my intuition did and it was screaming at me to do something about it.

This is when I trained as a Pilates Instructor. At the time I felt like this was a step forward but in reality it was just a step to the side.

In order to really move forward you need to get super honest with yourself and do things that are uncomfortable and scary.

Becoming a Pilates Instructor was neither uncomfortable (apart from the work outs) or scary. As a result it didn't take long for me to realise that my heart wasn't truly in that either which made it even harder to try and teach myself how to start up a business as an independent teacher.

At this point I was in full blown quarter-life-crisis mode. I was trying as hard as I knew how to figure out my life. I always knew I wanted to travel, have adventures, connect with people and cuddle as many cute animals as possible along the way but all of that seemed so out of reach. 

I had no idea where to start, I was floundering in self-doubt and fear of failure whilst experiencing full on Brain Tornados 24/7...

Brain Tornado



1. The feeling of overwhelm and anxiety you get when you know you need to make a change but you don't know where to start.

2. Paralysis from moving in any direction caused by self-doubt, negative self-talk and fear of failure and regret.

I knew I couldn't go on like this so I dug deep and found the courage to ask for help, and just like that help appeared. It was then that I found the opportunity to train with my first high-level coach. Everything seemed to align and I felt truly supported in my dream of becoming a coach. 

It was through my quarter-life-crisis that I discovered how I am able to help others. I am drawn to people who want more from life, they know that where they are now isn't where they want to be, they have big dreams but need help to make those dreams their reality.

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"Amy has been a wonderful coach and has played a vital part in me working through a difficult career break. She is an excellent listener who asks insightful questions, prompting thoughtful discussion which has, on several occasions, guided me towards revelations about my thoughts and feelings about the situation I was in. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is easy to approach, knowledgeable and has a real skill for listening and picking out key points of a discussion. Before I started coaching, my mind was completely full of conflicting thoughts. Amy helped me to filter out what each thought was telling me, understand exactly how I was feeling and gave me helpful tips to help work through my Brainado. I now feel clarity and calm over my life and future decisions. I couldn’t have got to this point without Amy – I actually feel like myself again, something I realise I haven’t felt like for a long time!" 

- Sian, Accountant.

"Amy is the loveliest, happiest person I know. Always so positive and full of energy! It's really quite infectious. She helped me to realise that most of my problems are easily fixed, and once I'd laid it all out she talked me through some steps on how to challenge myself and change my thinking. She's a true professional and really knows what she's talking about and can explain everything perfectly. I was having issues with anxiety and wanting to regain my social life after a few years of rubbish jobs and she made me realise that all my fears are all in my head. Her questioning really made me think and I realised that all the stuff I was worried about isn't worth worrying about and with some simple changes and by looking at things from a different angle, they're all fixable. She also had some great suggestions for things like meditation, which I'd always dismissed as not for me, but I've found them to be really helpful. I would recommend Amy to anyone who needs a bit of a happiness boost."

- Alyx, Customer Service Representative. 

Be excellent to each other and party on!
— Bill and Ted.

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