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My name is Amy Shefik and I'm a Success Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. My mission is to support you in turning your unique gifts and talents into a heart-centred business that allows you the freedom and fulfilment to live your best life ever!


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make over and over again is that they stop listening to their intuition and end up following the "Life Formula." It always results in dissatisfaction and feeling unfulfilled because they're not living in a way that is really true to who they are.

Let me give you an example, we'll call her Jen:

  • Jen is 32 years old and has worked in the same industry ever since leaving university.  
  • The end of her 20's came at her like a big slap in the face! She was amazed and terrified at how quickly 10 years had flown by. She had so many dreams and aspirations that she hadn't fulfilled, she looked at her life and career and asked herself if this is what she really wanted? The answer was a clear NO and she saw that she had been following the "Life Formula" without ever questioning it. 

She had been sleepwalking, but now she was awake!

  • This felt altogether empowering and scary. Since then she has felt totally out of alignment with her life but completely unclear on how to change it. As desperately as she wanted something more, her self-doubt told her that where she was now was all she knew and that she wasn't capable of anything else. She was stuck, she wanted more but didn't know how to get there. This internal conflict made her feel anxious and frustrated.
  • Jen never asked for help. She let her insecurities run the show and continued to follow the "Life Formula" thinking that this was just what being an adult is supposed to be like.

Don't be like Jen!

What upsets me most about this is that a lot of the time people don't realise they're doing it. They believe that feeling 'meh' or miserable is normal. 

I am here to tell you that feeling miserable is not normal!

I am here to support you in waking up from your sleepwalk and start really living the way you were born to do it - free, happy and fulfilled. 

I work with aspiring entrepreneurs who like to march to the beat of their own drum, they're done with following the "Life Formula" and living according to other people's expectations. They are passionate, ambitious and want to have a positive impact on the world, they have ethical values and live with purpose.

I love to see people go for their dreams, have the courage to listen to their intuition and lead with that instead of letting other people's judgements dictate their lives. Nothing inspires me more than the person who has passion and purpose and shares it with the world authentically. 

Read more about my own struggle with waking up from my sleepwalk and how I worked through it to create a business and life that I love.

I offer a 90-day private coaching program where I support you in getting clear on your purpose and how to turn that into a business and life that you love. 

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"Amy is an incredible woman. As a talented and conscientious coach, she operates from a place of integrity and compassion with her clients' needs always at the core of what she does. Amy demonstrates all of the essential skills required of an effective and successful coach; she is incredibly approachable, practical and empathetic and I consider myself to be very lucky to have Amy as a trusted colleague. She is a wise and thoughtful coach who has extended the same invaluable support to me that she has with her clients. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Amy should grab it with both hands; she is a born coach who loves what she does and strives for the best client outcomes." - Jo, Business Start-Up Coach.

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